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Conference TopicAccessVenue
Success Story: From international student to award-winning influencerGeneral + VIPStage
Success Story: From struggling immigrant to influential business ownerGeneral + VIPStage
Success Story: Unbelievable turn around!General + VIPStage
Live A Colorful Immigrant LifeGeneral + VIPStage
How to sell your value to an employerGeneral + VIPStage
Raising well-adjusted children in conflicting culturesGeneral + VIPStage
Fifty Shades of Racism in CanadaGeneral + VIPStage
Balancing heritage, diversity and integrationGeneral + VIPStage
Managing changes in family dynamics - spousal role, teenage datingGeneral + VIPStage
Discover vacation ideas that won't break your bankGeneral + VIPStage
Mental health challenges in immigrants - symptoms, where and how to find helpGeneral + VIPStage
How a person of color can flourish in spite of systemic racismGeneral + VIPStage
The common challenges with working with ImmigrantsGeneral + VIPStage
My romance with bankruptcy, how I ended the relationship and lessons learnedGeneral + VIPStage
Freedom from financial anxiety - for ImmigrantsGeneral + VIPStage
When life hands you cactuses, make margaritasGeneral + VIPStage
How to immigrate to Canada through the International Mobility Program: International Free Trade Agreements (Spanish)Sunrise VIPBreakout Session
How to immigrate to Canada through student and permanent residence routesSunrise VIPBreakout Session
Canadian Visa: Let's talk about denials and all the clumsy casesSunrise VIPBreakout Session
Career Workshop: Step by step guide to pivoting into the tech industrySunrise VIPBreakout Session
Thrive in community - where/how to find sustainable networksSunrise VIPBreakout Session
Immigration and Taxes: How to stay on the right side of the lawSunrise VIPBreakout Session
Skills versus Degrees, Certifications & CertificatesSunrise VIPBreakout Session
Emotional intelligence - Understanding Canadian nuances, developing consensual and respectful relationshipsSunrise VIPBreakout Session
Discover how to attract multiple job opportunities on LinkedIn without appearing needyEnviable VIPBreakout Session
Bootstrap fund your start-upEnviable VIPBreakout Session
How to be intentional in building career relationships - mentorship, sponsorship, coachingEnviable VIPBreakout Session
Special VIP Session: Resourcing for Resilience Amidst Life TransitionsEnviable VIPBreakout Session
Special VIP Session: Resourcing for Resilience Amidst Life TransitionsSunrise VIPBreakout Session
Staying sane in a chaotic worldEnviable VIPBreakout Session
How to become a successful entrepreneur, even if you have never run a business before!Enviable VIPBreakout Session
The Present Leader: Inspiring others to find their voiceVeteran VIPBreakout Session
How to win friends and influence people – the immigrant wayVeteran VIPBreakout Session
Financing your dreams - the unconventional wayVeteran VIPBreakout Session
Special VIP Session: Resourcing for Resilience Amidst Life TransitionsVeteran VIPBreakout Session
How to leverage your gifts and skillset to influence your worldVeteran VIPBreakout Session
Leading across cultures - understand your audienceVeteran VIPBreakout Session
Career Fair - Meet with Recruiters!General + VIPBooths

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