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Immigrant Women's Story Series

The Immigrant Life is a community of immigrants but it is also community of and for women. Women who chose to leave their land behind in search for that opportunity, to be with their family, to nurture their children, to find freedom – whatever it is, we want to hear your stories. Women who have moved mountains literally and figuratively to create a new nest in an unknown place. In doing so they often bury their dreams, mask their vulnerabilities, and morph into a new avatar – we want to talk to you.

Women’s stories are different than men’s but equally or more powerful. Most of us do what is expected of us quietly and without questioning. Women often think of “us” than “me” and the other takes a priority in most of our lives. Have you ever sat back and thought about your aspirations and desires? The Immigrant Life wants to create a platform for you to share that almost never-heard, non-existent stories of women who immigrated to call Canada a new home. 

We want to hear from you.
We want to talk to you. 
We want to hear your tales.

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