My Canadian Immigration Journey

My Canadian Immigration Journey

By Dapo Bankole

How I prepared for Canadian immigration, aced my first six years and the 123 invaluable lessons that I learned in the process.

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About Dapo

Dapo Bankole is known as the Canadian Leader in Immigrant Life Education. He is a passionate, sincere and first-generation Canadian immigrant with a deep yearning to see others succeed. He, therefore, gives expression to his passion and energy by helping first-generation Canadian immigrants to achieve their Canadian dream – whatever that means to them. This is why he founded and hosts the “Immigrant Life Podcast” – Canada’s first and only podcast dedicated to first-generation Canadian immigrants!

Dapo has a Masters Degree in Leadership from the prestigious Royal Roads University, Victoria BC and is a proud recipient of the “Founders’ Award” from the same University in recognition of having exemplified the qualities of leadership, sustainability, and personal development. He is an associate with the ASK Method Company in Texas, a John Maxwell Certified coach, speaker, and trainer as well as a Project Management Professional (PMP). He is the President of Mopheth Systems Corp., a Calgary-based organization.

Dapo lives in the beautiful, energetic and resilient city of Calgary with his award-winning wife, Buki and three boys.

It was such a pleasure to read, that I couldn't wait and started reading it all over again. The examples in the middle of the book really blew my mind.
Emerson Palmer
Venture Engineer

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