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You May Have What I Need

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I was on a project call with my volunteer lead the other day and towards the end of our project discussion, he excitedly showed me what he has been up to personally.

He was learning to use a certain software to produce interactive media.  After presenting what he has produced so far, I was really impressed, so I asked him what his end goal is – and he said it is really for fun. He is keeping himself engaged, his mind stimulated and using the new skill to produce media in the service of others around him.

You have something that the next person needs.

A grade two student will always be an expert to a grade one student.

– Dapo Bankole

Yet, I am talking about someone above fifty years of age.


It’s not about the age, you can learn and enjoy life at any time. Whether you choose to learn something new or not, you will cross that age anyway. So why not do it?

But his age is not what struck me the most.

It was a statement that he made – “When people saw what I produced, they asked me to teach them how to do the same, but I told them that I am still learning.”

That is a fact.

The truth though is that a grade two student will always be an expert to a grade one student.

And that was my response to him.

Whatever level of knowledge that we have in any life endeavor, there is always someone who needs to get to that same level and to that person, we will always be an expert.

We can be of service to that person for a fee or for free.

Just don’t withhold it.

And it won’t matter which route we choose – the more we teach what we know, the better we become.

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This article was written by Dapo Bankole.
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