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Work Efficiently from Home

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COVID-19 brought with it a new set of work and social ethics. Countries around the world, including developed ones, have continued to enforce total or partial lockdowns, even as the situation is being managed with vaccines. There is a new order to the way things are done now. Shopping, schooling, celebrations and even work are all done remotely to minimize the spread through contact. It is a new dimension of social distancing. It is here with us and this way of life and work might remain for a long time.

Work from home, also called remote work, is the new normal and we might as well embrace this.

You need to retrain your mind on what is expected of you in view of current work realities as your personal space will be your workspace.

For you to get it right, we have compiled five things you need to consider if you want to make it comfortable to work from home.

  • Make sure your employer’s policy supports this type of work style before you embrace it.
  • Ensure that your type of work supports remote work. For instance, those working in production lines may not be able to work remotely.
  • Do you have the appropriate hardware and software tools to support remote work? At the minimum, the following physical assets must be available:
    • A suitable laptop
    • A reliable high-speed internet
    • A phone through which you can reach others. It should have reliable signal. Consider alternatives if yours isn’t stable. You don’t want to be incommunicado, do you?
    • Comfortable chair and table

Non-physical assets that will make you thrive as you work remotely include:

  • Self-discipline: Working remotely is largely a trust arrangement. It is not for someone who needs someone else to look over his or her shoulder before getting things done. Since working remotely is strongly associated with flexible working hours, it requires enormous self-discipline to be productive and to continue to add value while working alone.
  • Have a daily schedule: This helps to keep yourself on track.
  • Mind shift: You need to retrain your mind on what is expected of you in view of current work realities as your personal space will be your workspace. Home should no more be viewed as a place of rest and relaxation alone. It should be put in perspective as the new office.

Your personality type will also help you to determine if working remotely is for you or not. Are you the type that cannot get into work mode without having physical contact with others? Then you will have to adjust your new reality and get started.

Working remotely isn’t for everybody. But in the COVID-19 our preferences and choices have little priority when it comes to health and safety of the larger community. We do what is deemed best for everyone. However, implementing some adjustment in our mind will help us through these tumultuous times.

Developed from episode 104 0f The Immigrant Life podcast.

Written by Yinka Bakare

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