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Women, Attend Thrive Conference 2021

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Between the year 2000 and 2020, more women have immigrated to Canada than men (Statistica). In spite of this, Statistics Canada has observed that even though the majority come into Canada under the family class or the economic immigration categories, women were less likely to come as economic principal applicants than as Family Class applicants or the spouse or dependants of an economic applicant.

Simply put, our women (especially married women) bear the brunt of a lot of things. They sacrifice a lot. Immigration makes it even more challenging. They sacrifice their career and who they dreamt of becoming in life, yet these are the same people who have been noted to be very much more likely to have completed university education than women born in Canada (Statistics Canada).

Similarly, immigrant women are more likely to have a higher unemployment rate and a lower employment rate than both immigrant men and Canadian-born women.

Because of these challenges, many women end up quietly giving up and accepting what life handed down. Those who are even daring and who fight it out eventually hit a glass ceiling in their profession. Then they ponder what else they can do. This needs to change.

But what is The Immigrant Life doing about this?

In a no-hold barred practical session, this conundrum will be addressed and very actionable insights will be shared at Thrive Conference 2021 on October 23rd.

Women, this is a call to you to plan to attend the upcoming conference. Trust me, you have never attended a session like this, and it will be the best 45 minutes of your time on Saturday, October 23rd, 2021.

Register here at https://www.thriveconference.ca/ 

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Written by Dapo Bankole.
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