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Why You Should Get That Certificate

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If you are deciding to go back to school for that degree or obtain the higher qualification that will aid your career advancement, then this article is for you. 

The unemployment rate in Canada is likely to be up as long as it keeps the doors open for new settlers. Don’t get us wrong. Don’t be discouraged. Allowing immigrants like us, is one of the best developmental policies this country has instituted. The new dynamism in the workforce, cultural diversity that a varied population from all over the world cannot be overemphasized. The new citizens are both skilled and unskilled. So what are we saying? 

The reality is this: professional job seekers are everywhere. Some are fortunate to get on their professional mainstream early on, but that’s the story of a few new immigrants. 

For immigrants, being without a job is unnerving. The necessities keep adding up. The bills are unforgiving, and the debts skyrocketing. Many new immigrants therefore reason that the only way to clinch their desired job is to get another degree. So, should you get that certificate? 

By all means, do!

Only if it’s for skill development.

Only if it’s a diploma or a short-term training to improve your skill-set and not just because you think it would improve your chances of getting your desired job.

Believe it or not, most Canadian employers don’t really care what certificates you have. Unless it is a highly specialized field such as academics, technical top-spots, they neither ask for your degree nor look at them. They only look out for the value — what you are bringing to the table! 

For the employers, you are hired if you can help shoulder the tasks at hand or resolve the issues. That’s all they care about! 

We can say this because we have seen this happen. We know how the job market works, what the employers seek in all our years here. 

So, before you start raking in student loans for a certificate that would almost be futile, maybe you should rethink. 

Reconsider what the degree can bring to you. Is it just a job you are targeting or are you looking to learn and grow? If increasing your competencies is what you want from a degree, that will prepare you for the job market. But that certificate or a degree alone, will not.

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