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When To Apply Without Meeting All Job Requirements

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You are on the job hunt. You look at a job description and see that you don’t meet all the criteria that’s listed but you are confident you can get the job done.

Essentially, you don’t feel you fit the categories that the company is asking for. Should you apply?

For example, an employer is looking for someone with 10 years of experience and a black belt. You have that experience but not the belt. Do not hesitate or question yourself over it. Apply.

Do not say no to yourself.

Do not look down on yourself.

You are robbing the employers of your value. You are denying yourself a shot at another chance.

From experience to qualifications and other requirements, employers are so unrelenting in their demands from prospective employees, it’s almost as if employers are seeking to hire perfect non-existent employees.

Due to this most immigrants feel intimidated that they shy away from applying for jobs that seem out of reach to them particularly when it comes to that elusive “Canadian job experience” which is another major deterrent.

Champions are ordinary people who acknowledge the greatness in themselves.

When it comes to a perfect job application, that does not exist. But there are ways around it.

You can circumvent the requirements, get invited for an interview and clinch the job.

It begins with you.

It’s a value chain that showcases experience over education. But there are ways you can do this successfully.

Do you have what it takes?

The rule of thumb when it comes to matching the skills of a job call is to make sure that you have 70-80% of what’s being asked for.

If you see an opening and you think you meet 75% of the requirements, add value with your cover letter where you demonstrate how you can achieve the goals and what makes you unique in the pool of applicants.

Listen to a short discourse on the topic on Episode 95 of The Immigrant Life podcast here.

Be a part of the community and learn from others at: immigrantlife.ca/community

This article was written by Meena Kaini.

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