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What to expect from Immigrant Life Podcast.

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Are you an intending immigrant? A just-landed Canadian Immigrant? Or You are at that point where things aren’t working as expected and you’re thinking:

“Did I make the right decision by coming to Canada?” If you don’t fit into any of the mentioned categories but you need inspiration to start out right to avoid the pitfalls of others and learn first-hand from the experiences of such people.

Look no further! Immigrant Life Podcast is just what you need!

Join Dapo Bankole in his heartwarming and exclusive experience-sharing series of podcasts.

The host, Dapo is a First Generation Canadian, passionate about inspiring fellow immigrants.

With him through the Immigrant Life Podcast, you can discover actionable insights that will help you THRIVE and make a difference in your chosen spheres of influence.

There’s something for every immigrant here. Come join. Listen. Learn. And lean in. Be a part of this community. 

Happy listening!

Click here to listen to this podcast and many more insightful episodes.

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