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Wearing Green for St. Patrick’s Day?

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The safest way to mark this festival this year would be – by wearing green.

Over this week, Canada will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Starting with Newfoundland and Labrador on Monday, March 15 where it is a provincial holiday. The rest of the country will be observing this day on Wednesday, March 17. In normal times, many cities would organise public parades or festivals of Irish culture. This year though that would not be possible due to the pandemic. The safest way to mark this festival this year would be – by wearing green.

Why is green the colour for this day? Though the history around this is convoluted – it is largely to honour Ireland which is also called the Emerald Isle. It is because of this connection that people dress in green, display Irish symbols such as the shamrock, or drink green beer.

As someone coming from a different culture and unaware of the tradition around St. Patrick’s Day I was amazed to see the green Chicago River when I travelled to the United States for the first time. Later I learned about St. Patrick’s Day and how Chicago honours the many Irish immigrants who helped settle the city.

If you are a new immigrant or someone well settled here in Canada and are used to seeing green on this day, do you join and wear green?

Let us know your thoughts.

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