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The World Health Organization has defined health as “a state of complete physical, social and mental well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

What makes physical well-being?
What is mental wellness?
And finally,
What makes up social well-being?

In Canada, healthcare is free! The government places much premium on the importance of health. It understands that our nation cannot thrive with unhealthy citizens. Taxes of citizens are used to fund healthcare and other things necessary for human survival and growth, as appropriate.

For us immigrants who most likely came into Canada in midlife, maintenance of health assumes a different dimension. It is a paradigm shift from the usual to the unusual. Most of us were set in our habits and ways before coming over. But here in Canada, things are different. Health issues are treated proactively. The government has put systems in place to ensure everyone has access to quality healthcare services.

A conducive social environment will help the individual thrive mentally and physically which is essential for your overall wellness.

On a general note, a lot of factors affect health. The Canadian government website gives us perspective on these factors. There is a strong connection between our health and the factors stated below:

Income and social status: Of course, lack of or inadequate financial resources will affect one’s health. And that also goes for social status. Poor social status leaves an individual with the feeling of inadequacy.

Social support network: Man is a social being. He exists to be relational and to enjoy relationships. When this is absent, his psyche gets affected and there is a strong connection between mental and physical health.

Education and illiteracy: The more educated an individual is, the better he feels about himself. Or that he knows how to take care of himself, family and those important to him. The healthier he also becomes.

Employment and working conditions: Both the employment and working conditions must be right for a person to thrive and enjoy mental balance. If someone has no job, the stress of having no income will take a toll on her mental wellbeing.

Social environment: A conducive social environment will help the individual thrive mentally and physically.

Physical environment: Cleanliness and good personal hygiene must be maintained for a healthy body.

Personal health practices: Regular medical checks and other proactive practices will foster a healthier body.

Coping skills: The more resilient and creative a person is in handling situations and circumstances of life, the healthier and better he/she feels.
Healthy child development: The first years of life are essential for children’s development and future well-being. Canada is committed to promoting and investing in projects that support early childhood development because every child deserves a good start in life so they can succeed.

Biological and genetic endowment: Although socio-economic and environmental factors are vital determinants of health, in some circumstances genetic endowment appears to predispose certain individuals to particular health problems. For example diabetes in a major disease afflicting a lot of African-Americans.

All the above are universal principles that are applicable to everyone everywhere. The Canadian government has guaranteed healthcare services for every citizen and those with permanent resident permits.
We will continue to serve you stories that will help you thrive in the most outstanding way.

You can learn more about immigrant community and be a part of it by joining The Immigrant Life.

You can also send in a mail on your health and other concerns to: thrive [at] immigrantlife.ca

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