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Values That Make Us.

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Immigrants face real issues that either fast track or slow down their integration into the Canadian society. For some, it could be the difficulty in finding a job after landing, for others it could be the language – getting the right tone or understanding the colloquial terms, for others it could be the weather which is often bitterly cold, and for others it could be feeling of alienation that one feels when landing in a place entirely different than what one’s used to. Believe it, getting to understand the new community and its value system is a monumental task for a new immigrant. 

The Immigrant Life Podcast discusses different facets of immigrant life, ways to adjust. Today’s show has an additional angle to that endeavor. 

Let’s talk about personal values and their violation. Everyone has personal values that are dear to them and hold special meaning to them. Your values are what guide your decision-making. They make your character. They are what defines you and how you react to the issues of life. We all get our values from our education, religious beliefs, culture, personality traits and what have you.

                   “Values are those core underlying elements that guide the way you

                   behave, the things you do, the way you do them. Actually, when 

                   someone says something and you respond in a particular way, 

                   the question is why? Often times, it is not so much about what was said

                   but what it is about.”

On the show today, join our Immigrant Life Podcast host Dapo as he shares a sobering moment in sports history — the 2018 epic win of Naomi Osaka in the US Open against legendary Serena Williams. This match was not just big for Naomi and Serena – it became a great learning moment for many of us. Dapo talks of his lessons learned. 

Listen. Ponder. How do you respond when your values are violated? What makes you, you?

Happy Listening!

Click here to listen to this podcast and many more insightful episodes.

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