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Valid Questions to Ask Yourself

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Entrepreneurial Mindset Series (EMS).

The questions we ask ourselves are a reflection of our beliefs about life and this directly impacts the results we get in life. The entrepreneurial journey is made easier and meaningful if you are able to find answers to questions that will make you know yourself the better.

The Immigrant Life brings you a set of questions you can ask yourself while you try go within as discussed with Jess Huffman, Coach and Founder of Entrepreneurial Masterclass.

1 Do I have internal dialogue with myself that no one knows about?

Jess: Yes, we constantly ask ourselves questions that we internally provide answers to.

2 Is there any relationship between internal questions and life’s outcomes?

Jess: Again, the answer is yes. If you ask the right questions, you’ll get the right answers and then have positive outcomes and if you ask the wrong questions, you will not get the right answers. You can only get answers to the questions that you ask.

3 Are there values attached to asking myself questions as an entrepreneur?

Jess: There are quite a number of reasons why we should ask questions to ourselves:

  • To measure whether our approach is working.
  • To gauge whether our definitions of situations are accurate.
  • To determine if our decisions about places, people, events, passions, etc. are based on sound judgements or they are capricious.
  • To unearth other people’s motives and how we react to them.
  • We constantly ask questions because we don’t live in a vacuum, but we operate in a natural world and in relationships with other people who also operate based on answers to their own questions.

4 How do I know that I’m asking the wrong questions?

Jess: Alan Watts said, “Problems that remain persistently insoluble should always be suspected as questions asked in the wrong way”.

Then also, life changes. We change too. Situations evolve constantly. Truths don’t generally apply everywhere and in all situations. My truth in one place may not be my truth in a different setting. Hence, we need to evaluate the questions we ask ourselves on the strength of growth, expansion and positive servings to the world. If the outcome does not support these variables, then we need to change the questions.

However, many entrepreneurs sometimes adopt this get-rich-quick syndrome without having solid business plans. This makes them bounce from one scheme to another and leads to instability. So, how we ask the questions is equally important.

5 If I get a good result, can I repeat the same process?

Jess: It is not wrong but there is a good number of fallacies out there. It is impossible to predict any similar event. Life is a continuous flow. The world, just a month ago, is completely different from today. There is a fallacy in planning processes. There are unexpected outcomes. So, even though it is not wrong to repeat the same processes, it may be wrong to expect the same outcomes. To assume that what happened last year will also happen this year is a question of probability.

6 What are my probabilities?

Jess: A very valid question. Understanding and accepting that our outcomes in life are a function of probability is the foundation stone of resilience. In reality, when things happen, we cannot control the outcome, just like now with the pandemic. What we can control is how we react to the outcome.

7 Is there a relationship between the frequency of the questions we ask and the quality of our outcomes?

Jess: Yes, but there are no guarantees. If the questions you keep asking are the wrong ones, then you are going to get answers that won’t move your life in any direction.

For more in-depth understanding of entrepreneurship and how to be on the right path as an entrepreneur, listen to the Entrepreneur Mindset Series.

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Written by Yinka Bakare

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