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Usman, The Angel Without Wings.

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Be a “Usman” on the spot.

The expression is actually “Johnny on the spot.” Meaning: a good Samaritan; helping hand or good neighbor.

However, for reasons you’ll soon find, I’d rather use my hero’s name. Usman.

Be like Usman.

Deerfoot Trail.

Everyone in Calgary knows Deerfoot.

Even Wikipedia boasts an entire page of that road that was constructed in 1971.

Read this – “Deerfoot Trail is a 46.4-kilometre (28.8 mi) freeway segment of Highway 2 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It stretches the entire length of the city from south to north and links suburbs to downtown via Memorial Drive and 17 Avenue SE. It also forms part of the CANAMEX Corridor which connects Calgary to Edmonton and Interstate 15 in the United States via Highways 3 and 4.”

What are we going to do without Deerfoot? I don’t know.


That was my speed, returning home with my family from an entire evening spent with a dear friend and brother who had his birthday.


Bang!!!! 💥💥💥

It was an explosive sound that we were not sure of its source.

What was that? We asked one another in the car but no one knew.

I continued driving.

Within barely 15seconds, the alarm system in our car went off asking us to check the car because our tire pressure was too low.

True, we soon found out.

The steering wheel was suddenly shaky, and so I pulled over to the shoulder before finally coming to a halt.

Our rear right tire was flat.

It was past 10pm.

We needed to change the tire. We had a spare and everything we needed.

Seeing this isn’t winter, I figured our roadside assistance service could get to us really fast.

And so, I started dialing…

While the answering machine was attempting to route the call, a biker parked right behind us.

He wanted to know how he could help. I looked at my wife, and we had that telepathic communication. 😉

Yes, we don’t mind your help, I said.

He removed his biker’s jacket and helmet then set to work.

While at it, a white Acura legend with active hazard lights parked behind the bike. The driver got down to meet us asking how he could help.

He stayed with us for some time and later asked if we needed anything else before he got on his way with his family. We released him.

Usman the biker single-handedly changed our tires for us, asking us not to worry about it.

He even apologized for being too fast and asked us to check if what he did makes sense otherwise, we could tighten it more.

Typical Canadian ☺️

Usman is a first-generation Canadian originally from Pakistan.

He had no idea who we were but stopped to help a family in need.

Usman reminds me of the words of the Mayor of Dawson City, Yukon.

“Canadians are born all over the world, it just sometimes takes them a bit of time to get here” ❤️

Usman, you are the true spirit of a Canadian.

My family said to say A BIG “THANK YOU” to you again!

May help find you when you least expect.

May you and your family always enjoy favor from others.

As we step into our daily routine, please be like Usman.

Written by Dapo Bankole.
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