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HomeWorkCareerUnsure of Your Career in Canada? Motion Breeds Clarity.

Unsure of Your Career in Canada? Motion Breeds Clarity.

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Galyna arrived Miramichi with her husband and two kids in 2015. Like any other immigrant, the joy of starting a new life in Canada was incomparable to anything else.

They had a great life back in Ukraine, but they were just desirous of a change. Theirs was a story of adventure. “What’s life like on the other side of the world?” That summed up their reason for leaving Ukraine and the (mostly) great stories about Canada convinced them that they were taking the right steps.

Why New Brunswick of all places? Well, shortly after receiving their visas, Igor secured a job in Miramichi. Why wouldn’t it make sense to anyone to move there? Even though they had never heard of that city, it turned out to be a lively city in northern New Brunswick. They couldn’t have been happier.

On arrival, Galyna didn’t waste time dilly-dallying about her career. She went for a low — hanging fruit — security officer. She went for training, wrote her exam and passed. That enabled her to take care of her young kids during the day while Igor went to work. By the time Igor returns in the evening, Galyna leaves to resume her security job in downtown Miramichi.

With that, they were able to remain the active couple that they had always been with some savings in the bank. However, with time, they noticed that they had started to drift apart emotionally. It wasn’t intentional, but their work and home routine forced that on them.

So Galyna opted to go for another job. Fortunately, a better paying administrative assistant job came to the rescue. That funded the daycare bills of their kids with a little savings. That made sense.

Six months later, she got bored. The routine was getting to her, and she wanted more, so she quit. As always, Igor was supportive. A new friend that she made at her previous security job told her about the opportunities that a Business Analyst career offered. She didn’t think twice, she went for the training and started looking out. Four months later, there was no luck.

She moved on.

She started a licensed practical nursing program and the future looked really bright. She enjoyed the class and everything that came with it.

In her second year, she discovered that she could also become a realtor. She enjoyed meeting people, helping them, listening to them and finding solutions to their desires. She envied the realtor who helped them secure their own home, so she imagined she could be that person putting smiles on people’s faces.

While still in the nursing program, she joined her realtor’s agency and started training for her realtor exams. Six months after her LPN license was issued, she also secured her realtor license.

Six years later, Galyna is a VERY successful, sought-after realtor in Miramichi.

Summary? Motion breeds clarity. Don’t wait for success. Move and it will catch up with you. It’s not recklessness, it is passion and a commitment to succeed.

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Written by Dapo Bankole.
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