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Trust Your Instincts

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In the journey of life, and that includes life as an immigrant here in Canada, you must be intuitive, and act on your intuition if you are to stay out of troubled waters.

Call it what you like – intuition, gut feeling, inner voice, sixth sense, hunch, instinct, small voice – whatever, but don’t snub that because it has helped save lives and save situations. And that can apply to you, me, all of us.

The 6th sense can be defined as the gut feeling you have about situations, people or places. It is that nudge or sense that warns you of an imminent danger. It really doesn’t have any logic behind it. You just feel it. Some people have reported the feeling of cold icy hands or a sudden sense of knowing without actually knowing anything concrete. Sometimes when things happen after having ignored the “feeling”, most people express regrets about ignoring what they felt.

Why is it important to trust your gut feeling?

Immigration is a choice and decision we make consciously. It is not guided by mere instincts. But as we go on this journey, learn to trust your sixth sense.

It may seem risky to trust what you don’t know for sure, but believe me – the more you trust it, the stronger and more reliable it gets.
I’ll share a story…

Some years ago, I was in the United Kingdom visiting with friends and family. On a particular cold night, my partner and I were walking through to where we were staying for the night. Suddenly, I felt uncomfortable. It felt as if we were being watched. Not being able to shake off the feeling, I decided to investigate without alerting my partner. About 70 meters behind us was a young man in a hoodie with his two hands in his pocket. He was trailing us. How I picked him out in the busy street, I really can’t explain, but I did! Then, I alerted my partner and we decided to do some checks. We stopped at intervals and when we checked, he stopped too. When we picked up pace, he did too. After some time, he noticed what we were doing, and he got a bit uncomfortable. We were to pass through a dark alley to where we were staying but we took a longer and busier route and noticed later that he had disappeared. I still get goosebumps when I think of what could have been our fate were it not for my sixth sense. Several other instances of this gut feeling come to mind to every one of us. This is a feeling we all can relate to without having to explain.

Whether you believe in it or not, you would agree that there is a subconscious awareness in us that’s illogical. You just can’t explain a certain feeling for instance, of why you shouldn’t take that flight, why you should take that trip or why you should take one route and not another or why you should take a chance, etc.

Immigration is a choice and decision we make consciously. It is not guided by mere instincts. But as we go 0n this journey, learn to trust your sixth sense. Starting a new life in Canada and making a success of it, may be partly dependent on that subconscious part of you that goads you on. Be sensitive to it! Trust it!

Excerpted from Episode 82 of the Immigrant Life Podcast.

Written by Yinka Bakare.

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