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Thrive Conference 2022: Evolve – Building Resilience for Life & Career

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Thrive Conference is an annual event where first-generation Canadians and friends converge together to learn, unlearn and network. It is powered by The Immigrant Life community and this year, the theme is Evolve – Building Resilience for Life & Career.

2019 was hard. 2020 came and Covid-19 hit massively. Life got even harder and very scary. We lost many to ill health and unexpected economic turmoil. 2021 rolled in nonetheless and we continued to wonder when the chaos will end. Personal and professional relationships were tested. Extensively. Families were stretched emotionally and financially. Business revenues dropped. Personal and business goals could not be met. 

But through it all, 2019 to date remained the best years yet for some of us. Some people and organizations became who they never previously imagined. How did that happen? They evolved.

For us at The Immigrant Life, we have therefore chosen to evolve. And evolve, we will. We will reinforce it in all we do. No matter what life throws at us, we’ll evolve.

We’ll take massive imperfect actions and reach out for help. It is the only way to birth dreams, experience desired transformation, connect with other great minds and serve humanity qualitatively.

At Thrive Conference 2022, we will see live examples of evolution, define what evolution means for us as individuals and walk away with practical tools that will help us become the best version of ourselves no matter what our life and career throws at us!

See the topics that we have for you on that day:

  • The role of Government in creating an enabling environment for immigrants to thrive
  • The stress-free way to restarting your preferred career in Canada by Claudia Hepburn
  • Evolution: Why and how I walked away from a multimillion dollar surgical practice
  • Against all odds: How to get to the peak of your career as an immigrant by Charles Samuel
  • Evolve: Building resilience for life and career – the role of coaching, mentoring and sponsorship. (This is a facilitated session involving seven amazing speakers with life-changing insights! – Charles Samuel, Charles Osuji, Shamira Madhany, Ayesha Qureshi, Ann Nakaska, Jaya Dharan and Dapo Bankole. You will even be able to ask them questions in that session!)
  • Plus an amazing networking session!

Join us on October 22, 2022 at 9am MST prompt!

You will leave the conference armed with practical tools that will not only give you the confidence to face a future that you have no control over, but will empower you to consistently know what to do and evolve into a flourishing version of you in your life and career!

Register and invite your friends!

Register here

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