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The Top 20 National Immigrant Support Systems

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Bravery is leaving all that is familiar to settle in a diverse multicultural society like Canada.

It is not for the fearful or the timid.

It takes an individual to believe in the proposition and then step out in action.

Social integration on the other hand, goes beyond an individual. It is support-based. An African proverb goes: “a tree doesn’t make a forest.” To succeed in Canada, you need to be deeply connected to a community of interest. The Immigrant Life is one of the leading support systems that us available for you.

When it comes to supporting immigrants, the government is the first place to look for help. In Canada, there are many different support programs that immigrants can access for better integration. There are programs that help refugees to integrate into the Canadian society; there are programs to help immigrants access the Canadian education system; there are programs to help immigrants get a Canadian job. Other programs are equally available to help with funding, acquiring, or becoming proficient in a language, etc.

Immigrants need support.

I’ve been there, so I can tell.

Government has provided support. However, not many newcomers are aware of the plethora of support that is available to them, just waiting to be accessed.

We outline some of the available national support programs and beneficial websites for your social, economic, and cultural integration, below:

  1. New Canadians
  2. The Immigrant life
  3. Services for new immigrants in Canada
  4. Caring for kids new to Canada
  5. To access funds for schooling and other educational endeavors as a newcomer, visit Windmill Microlending
  6. For information on immigration and refugee protection, you can check here
  7. YMCA support services for immigrants
  8. Moving to Canada
  9. For internationally trained healthcare workers, you can find some help here
  10. To get information on health insurance for newcomers
  11. For information on Canada’s top jobs to consider
  12. For information on Canada’s history
  13. On cultural integration in Francophone Canada
  14. How to improve your English and French in Canada
  15. How to obtain driver’s license in Canada
  16. How to connect with the community in your area
  17. Learn how money works in Canada
  18. And for newcomers who are yet to land in Canada, you also can get some support here: planning for Canada.
  19. We are aware that many intending immigrants have expired COPRs. Visit this page for information on what to do.
  20. To join a community of immigrants who are ready to provide emotional, social, and other support in your journey of integration, join the immigrant life community here

Whatever may be your sore point or dilemma, help is available. You only need to know where it is and get a helping hand.

Raise your hand today. Send an email to thrive@immigrantlife.ca. We will be glad to help.

Written by Yinka Bakare

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