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The Entrepreneurial Mindset Series

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Jess Huffman, an entrepreneurial coach takes us through practical, hands-on instructional journey on the most important aspect of being an entrepreneur – the Mindset. He defines an entrepreneur as “anyone who steps out alone to start something new, takes uncertain course on uncertain income and gets ahead anyway.”

Call it an entrepreneur or someone who is self-employed, they both share the same risks, and the same struggles, and have the same goal of being successful.

Immigrants have been known to be successful entrepreneurs. The courage to succeed and manage entrepreneurial challenges for immigrants seem to have been borne out of the courage to relocate in the first instance. Jess explains that the ability to take risks is rooted in behavioral patterns of each individual. Making changes are also a constant part of growth and should be embraced to be successful in life and business.

Many immigrants dream of owning businesses, and we often achieve it. We work very hard, we push through hurdles, and we persevere.

Becoming an entrepreneur is a journey; a process which is more painful in the mind than anyone ever thought. It requires a dedicated personal effort and doggedness, as well as acceptance that a lot of things will not work as we expect. This is a fact of life. Don’t browbeat yourself when things don’t work out. You need not draw back. The real deal is that there is a world of difference between our mental conditioning while growing up and the perception vs reality that we face as an entrepreneur. Moving from an employee to a self-employed person or to becoming an employer is not a walk in the park.

Truth be told… the services we render or the products we make available as an entrepreneur is not what make us. Rather, it is the journey. It is our adaptability. it is the daily journey itself that is our reward as entrepreneurs. The new “me” that emerges through the daily battles is our most valuable reward.

Many immigrants dream of owning businesses, and we often achieve it. We work very hard, we push through hurdles, and we persevere. Successes have been recorded. However, quite a number of us run back with our tail in between our legs at the first sight of difficulties. We hastily conclude on why the business can’t work out. The difference between success and failure lies in the mindset.

Our intent at The Immigrant Life is to help you, the first-generation Canadians, to succeed in this journey we are in together. We are embarking on the journey to becoming entrepreneurs through the Entrepreneurial Mindset Series (EMS) of The Immigrant Life podcast which will be documented here as well.

Join Us.

Listen to the Podcast. Follow the EMS Series with Jess Huffman and Dapo Bankole

Written by Yinka Bakare

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