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Taking Control of Your Life.

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Welcome to a new edition of The Immigrant Life podcast where you hear the stories and experiences of first generation immigrants to Canada and learn from both their actions and inactions.

Today’s episode is as altruistic and didactic as it can get. The host, Dapo, takes us back to 2012, just a few weeks after he landed in Canada. He goes with his family to see their physician. Outside the clinic, he sees a “free parking” notice, and is grateful for it. He parks his car, goes in to see the physician, but when he comes back to his car he receives a $70 parking ticket! Well that wasn’t free after all!

Dapo shares some of his reflections on the incident:

  1. As humans, we are free to make choices but certainly not free of the consequences, good or bad.
  2. You have a choice to make at every point in life. Be intentional about it. 
  3. No one is a product of circumstances. We are products of our choices – good or bad

The choices we make in life help us take control of our life. We can steer it to take us to the destination we want. Taking the right or wrong turn is our choice. Look at possible outcomes of every choice you make and be prepared for what can come your way. 

Famous thoughts from the episode on decision-making:

“Decision making is such a seamless brain process that we are usually unaware of it until our choice results in unexpected consequence-Suzanne Perry, a Minnesota based Medical and Science Writer

“You’ll never change your life until you change something that
you do daily”
-Dr John C. Maxwell

The secret of success is found in your daily routine”

Click here to listen to this podcast and many more insightful episodes.

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