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Canadian Banks: Is My Money Safe?

Upon landing in Canada, every immigrant will need a new bank account to manage day-to-day expenses and save for the future. An immigrant’s story...

Clocks Are Going Back 1hr at 2am on Nov 7, 2021

Only a few months ago, it was that time of year again, when people cranked up the volume on their grills and got ready...

Immigrant of The Month – Preeti Pandey

Preeti Pandey - An Indian trying to make a difference on Canadian soil! Name: Preeti Pandey Current Industry: Non-Profit Title: Executive Assistant and Office Manager Country of Origin: India Location:...

It’s Thanksgiving Day 2021!

Be thankful. Being thankful isn’t because you have no worries. It is because you choose to look beyond your worries. It is also because you choose to focus on what makes you happy, even in the least possible way.
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Easter Sunday

In Christian cycles, Easter Sunday speaks to an empty tomb and this reminds believers of Jesus Christ that they worship a living God who...

How Are You Planning for Retirement? A guide for first generation immigrants

Consider the words of Charles Kettering: "My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there." The future...

You Are Hurting Yourself

They were definitely not going to do this again. Never!It had seemed like an excellent idea initially and, indeed, it was. They had fun,...