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Confusing Canadian Experience  How to navigate around it?

If you are new immigrant in Canada, or someone contemplating on the idea of moving here, you will face a situation where you will...

Overcoming the Limiting Mindset as an Immigrant

His looks don’t cut much except that he has this quiet confident air about him as someone who understands where he’s at. His good...

Tribute to the Settler of the Great White North

This passage by Theodore Roosevelt, widely regarded by historians as one of the greatest American presidents, in a speech, Citizenship in a Republic, I...

Racism In Canada Is Real

New immigrants from all over the world, with different color and culture, make Canada their new home every day and have this general understanding...

Do you need that car yet?

One of the most common advice a new immigrant hears as soon as coming into the country is to get a vehicle, for easier...

How to Conquer the Workplace

Benedict (not his real name) is relatively new in Canada, having landed in Canada just nine months ago from Ghana. Things are beginning to...

Developing the Big Picture

Our dreams are usually big and often seem unachievable which make them stay just that way - dreams. How do dreams become reality? How...
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