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Struggling to Stimulate Your Mind? Here are 16 helpful tips!

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The immigrant, you, and I, are all swamped with our daily grind. The need for us to work hard, push harder and strive for more always keeps us on the edge. While it is important that we move hard and fast to change our status quo we often forget to pay attention to ourselves – to our emotions, to our heart, health, and the mind.

The mind, or the brain, is what we’re going to talk about. The Immigrant Life cares about your wellness and your brain health is our focus today. Our brain works on our behalf all the time, and it is time we work for it. However, when it comes to the brain there’s good news, “Unlike most any other organ in the body, our brains are not pre-ordained to wither away, lose power, blunt their edge or, worst of all, become forgetful,” Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN Chief Medical Correspondent says.

Brain is complex organ but requires not-too-complex solutions for it to stay agile such as exercise and a good sleep. We bring you many more ways in which you can help your brain get some workout.

  1. Brain exercise: Tried memorizing cell phone numbers or your car license plate number? That’s what people did before cellphones and cameras invaded our lives. Try doing that again. Memorize the numbers of important people in your life and make your children do the same.
  2. Enjoy puzzles: Put your brain to work with those puzzles – crossword to jigsaws to sudoku.
  3. Make learning habit: Whether it is learning how to operate that lawnmower to how to skate or learning a new word or fix that leak – make sure you learn something new every day.
  4. Teach what you know: Teaching someone something will not just help them but yourself too. Share your knowledge, help your brain become stronger.
  5. Get out of your comfort zone: As much as it is safe to stay in your vicinity, try taking an alternate route while taking a walk. Get lost. See something new. Talk to strangers and find your way back.
  6. Read: If you can read a book, do so. Be engrossed and let your imagination take wings in a fiction. If you don’t have the patience to read a book – find a comic or try a graphic novel.
  7. Play board games: If chess is not your thing, try other easy games that will make you think like playing card.
  8. Be weird: Yes, being weird can be fun and fulfilling too. Try walking on one leg, writing with your left hand if you are right-handed.
  9. Learn a new language: Don’t use age as an excuse to not learn a new language. Make a friend with somebody who speaks a different language and start practicing. You can learn a new language at any age.
  10. Dance: There are no perfect or right moves. Shake your body to that music you hear. Your brain will thank you for it.
  11. Use your senses: If you are reading too much or excessively hooked to screen, chances are your many other senses are getting neglected. Go to the kitchen, cook some food – smell them, taste the delicacies, hug someone you love – make your senses work to send good vibes to your brain.
  12. Listen to Music: There’s a reason music is popular throughout the world. It provides comfort, soothes us, and helps our mind.
  13. Connect: Connect with another person. Have a good conversation. Listen. Talk. Be engaged. Not just as a nicety but be genuinely interested, pay attention to them. You are not doing them a favour. You are doing your brain a favour.
  14. Take up a new hobby: Be invested in it. Join an art class, music lesson, kickboxing, rollerblading, something that you’ve never tried.
  15. Be one with nature: Take a walk without your shoes on. Feel the morning dew on your feet. Go for a hike in nature.
  16. Meditate: Find a moment for yourself amid all the chaos of life. Sit quiet and give your brain a break.

Feel free to share with us what works to keep your mind healthy. As always, The Immigrant Life is here for you. Connect with us. Contribute to a vibrant immigrant community.

This article was written by Meena Kaini.
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