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Step In and Step Up

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Register for Thrive Conference 2021 at https://www.thriveconference.ca/

When I started The Immigrant Life on Canada Day 2018, I had very little idea how the podcast I was starting was going to evolve into the community of positive influencers that it has become today.

Beyond that, I couldn’t have imagined how a little idea that I had with the sole purpose of sharing actionable insights that I wish I knew when I started my journey in 2012 would stretch me. I have grown and continue to grow.

The challenges are unrelenting, but the joy of having our impact felt in over 100 Canadian cities spread across all provinces and Territories, including Nunavut, is energizing! Internationally, our digital footprints are now in more than 112 countries. Yet, this growth is nothing but organic.

In 2019, the idea of starting a national annual conference where first-generation Canadians could meet to learn, unlearn and network was birthed, but it was not yet time, so we waited. In 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, a few of us came together and organized the first national conference. It was tough and challenging, but ultimately fruitful and fulfilling.

Unlike in 2020, this year, Thrive Conference will be a one — day virtual event to be held on Saturday, October 23rd. It is a FREE event and registration is now open. Visit https://www.thriveconference.ca/ to register.

Thrive Conference 2021 is a call to take full ownership of the outcome that we experience as immigrants despite the systemic and cultural barriers that stand in our way. We have incredible powers to create a lasting positive change in our integration experience and change the narrative even for future generations. This is the focus of this year’s conference theme, STEP IN AND STEP UP!

Over the next several days and weeks, my team and I will be posting about this, multiple times for awareness purposes, but we need your help.

When you see our posts, please like, comment, share and personally invite specific people that you know to attend. It is worth it.

And if you want to step up your support, become a sponsor, advertise your goods & services and give Thrive Conference a strong and passionate media coverage. This is a work of legacy and every help counts.

For more information, DM me on LinkedIn, email me; dapo@immigrantlife.ca or visit https://www.thriveconference.ca/

Thank you very much!

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Written by Dapo Bankole.
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