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Reprogram Your Mind

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Entrepreneurial Mindset Series (EMS)

Everyone has a default programming which is a culmination of values or ideas received in different ways through our education or lack of it, our exposure, our fears, our relationships – family, friends, workplace, communities, etc. Our default programming takes our lives in the course that it does based on what we have stored in our heads for so long. Oftentimes, we hardly notice they are there and that they might be having limiting impacts. We only end up making decisions that are limiting until we realize that something drastic needs to be done.

For an average person, we are limited by our fears of the unknown. Immigrants face fears that are worse because of the peculiarity of our situations. We develop a false sense of security in our jobs. We end up believing that having a job is security and by the time we come to Canada and find that there are no professional roles waiting for us, or we lose our jobs like some did during the last recession, we become despondent.

Ask questions. Question the things or beliefs that you hold dear and challenge what you believe. Change the questions you ask yourself. Challenge your beliefs.

Tony Robbins, author of “Awaken the Giant Within”, explains how we can confront our fears in his famous fire walking experiments where people walk on hot coals. He explains it this way:

“This is really not about firewalking anyway. It never has been. It’s been about getting people to break through their fears and limits. If you look at what holds people back from expanding and deepening the quality of their lives, what prevents them from taking the actions that are necessary to transform their body, relationships, career, business or impact their kids? Invariably, it’s fear! Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of rejection, fear of pain and fear of the unknown…”

A good place to challenge your fears and unearth what’s inhibiting you all along, is by examining yourself and to recognize what needs to be changed.

Jess Huffman suggests you do the following:

  • Ask questions. Question the things or beliefs that you hold dear and challenge what you believe. Change the questions you ask yourself. Challenge your beliefs. An example of a question to ask yourself is this: “If everything I believed was true, end up not being true, what will I do?” If you don’t ask questions, you will not get the answers that will drive you.
  • Be around entrepreneurs. Surround yourself mentally with those who have done what you’re trying to do and those on the same journey of entrepreneurship with you. There are many of them – Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Like Lazaridis, John Molson, etc. Read their books. Join their online communities. Follow them on social media. It doesn’t necessarily have to be people in the same industry or the same line of business as yours.

One thing that separates an entrepreneur from others is that he is constantly looking for opportunities. He identifies problems and finds ways to help. He conducts research. He is optimistic even though there are no guarantees. He makes things happen. These are the kinds of people an aspiring entrepreneur should surround himself with. Hanging out with such people is a great way to expand your mind and expand your opportunities.

  • Document everything you ever dismissed as impossible. Choose to dismantle those. Make your own bucket list and pursue them one after the other. You’ll be amazed at how much your mind can expand and how much power your mind has.
  • Intentionally change your mindset to ensure it aligns with who you are meant to be – in the future – and not who you are now.

To reprogram your mind is a journey. It’s the process of challenging the values acquired over time, that are so deeply ingrained. The good news is that no one is totally set in values. Our values can be changed. Often, change in value comes as a result of a drastic situation, either positive or negative, which is when our reality doesn’t match our perception.

It has since been discovered that many first-generation Canadians get to Canada to find out that things aren’t usually as they perceived. The jobs aren’t really waiting here to be owned immediately we get here, rather, we work our way through the jungle of integration. So, it’s the perfect opportunity to challenge our negativity, reprogram our mindset and develop a strong value system. We can become that CEO if we push hard enough.

The world is our stage. Let’s take it!

This article was carefully developed from Episode 105 of The Immigrant Life Podcast where veteran podcaster, Dapo Bankole, hosted Entrepreneurial Coach, Jess Huffman.

Also listen to Episode 100, the first in the series and drop your questions and comments at thrive@immigrantlife.ca. Leave your reviews at https://go.immigrantlife.ca/review

Written by Yinka Bakare.

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