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Racism In Canada Is Real

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New immigrants from all over the world, with different color and culture, make Canada their new home every day and have this general understanding that racism is largely nonexistent here. That our differences are welcomed and celebrated. While this perception is true to a great extent, racism is a valid issue and concerns many immigrants as well as those who are not immigrants but are not of Caucasian heritage. 

Immigrants have talked about tales of how they were victims of both covert and overt racism of certain individuals they have come across in different places. These stories feature regular people in the neighborhood, place of work, school, mall, hospital and on the street. Those who faced these awkward actions did not create fiction. While many of these stories raise genuine questions over the words or actions of the other, oftentimes they can also be mere perception of the “victims.”

Black population has more than doubled in the last two decades and so is the growing concern over how racist the Canadian society is. 

So – is Canada racist? The answer is an unequivocal NO. Canada is not racist! Canadian policies are inclusive and progressive – a reason why so many of us chose this country. The government makes efforts to make the new Canadian welcome, and ease their integration into the society.  However, that does not mean that there are no racists in Canada.

In this Maple leaf country, as well as in other developed nations of the world, there are those who have their perspectives colored by the element of race. 

However, Canada is one nation that resists such racist behaviors through the celebration of her multiculturalism, diversity and inclusivity, regardless of what you look like, how you speak, your skin color and your heritage. Canada has opened her doors to new immigrants and refugees through a deliberate policy that encourages everyone to live and thrive in Canada. 

Racism in Canada is an individual thing. How one individual acts against another individual and it is plausible that racism is a factor affecting that behavior. Racism, personal prejudices, conscious and unconscious bias are factors that influence an individual’s judgement. And Canada also has a long way to go until it can say that none of it exists here.  

It is imperative upon all Canadians to speak up when such behavior is examined. It is up to each one of us to take personal responsibility in alleviating racial biases and not letting it undermine our wisdom. It is important that we raise your kids the same way and help them speak up when they see unjust practices. The world will be a much fairer place with us doing our part. 

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