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Put Your Canadian Dream in Proper Perspective

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Believe in yourself. You are not in Canada by accident. You are meant to be here. You’re just as good for that opportunity as the next person. Have the right mental attitude.

Settling in a new territory can be a daunting experience for anybody across the globe. For Canadian immigrants, the challenges usually range from language barriers, prejudice, unequal employment opportunities, cultural differences, isolation, etc. Canadian authorities have recognized these multifarious challenges and have put in place a number of features that can resolve some of the issues.

This article is NOT about what the system can do for you as a newcomer and how to explore those, but what you can do for yourself.
Have a Mental Shift!

Who says that you cannot find a suitable employment when you get here without counting the months and years as they go by?

Why do you think that because you look different, speak differently, have a certain accent added to the fact that you are new in Canada, lessens your ability to compete at a job? What makes you believe that you will not be favored at a job and you might not be able to get the desired work done?

Most of us immigrants are boxed in by our negative thoughts. Even before settling down properly, there is a barrage of negative narratives by earlier settlers that build nests in the mind of newcomers. Naysayers talk about how long they had to do low end “survival jobs” and how they had to start at the lowest rung of their professional ladder in order to garner that Canadian job experience. These are the stories you hear and prepare for and think that you are going to be on that same track. However, their narrative doesn’t have to be your narrative. It’s all a trap to box you in and when you’re in that angle, you’ve been had!

“There is no ladder anywhere except the one you create in your head”

-Ehi Mabo

Immigrants have unresolved identity crises. Once you know who you really are, you wouldn’t settle for less. Why should you? You won’t even view yourself as a second-class citizen even if you just arrived in the country. Canada is a land of immigrants and for immigrants and being built everyday by more immigrants. Many are thriving in spite of the negative perception and you can thrive too.

It all begins with you.

The problem is often not the lack of skills, poor qualifications or lack of Canadian job experience. The problem often is because of poor perception of yourself and of others about you.

Believe in yourself. You are not in Canada by accident. You are meant to be here. You’re just as good for that opportunity as the next person. Have the right mental attitude.

All the false paradigms, stories, narratives, beliefs that tend to relegate you in your mind should change. If in your mind, you think of struggles, then it sooner than later becomes a reality.

Never mind what you hear fellow immigrant talk about struggles everyone has to go through. Be good to yourself by visualizing possibilities around you. Don’t be stopped by your mental blocks. Don’t be held back by these imaginary hurdles. Walk into the room of your interview confidently and make up your mind to give it your best shot. It is when you believe in yourself that the world will believe in you too.

See you at the top!

Culled from Episode 62 of The Immigrant Life Podcast where Ehi Ade-Mabo, popularly known as the mindset surgeon, was a guest in the studio. To learn more about Ehi, visit https://iamehimabo.com/

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