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My Canadian Immigration Story

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In 2012 when Dapo Bankole moved with his family to Canada – the land of his dreams – he left behind a world where he had a lot going for him in his country of birth, Nigeria. For starters, he was enjoying a steady rise in his career and satisfaction with the kind of work he was doing. When he was preparing to leave for Canada, he got two international job offers. Those close to him felt that he was insane to throw aside all that for the unknown. Dapo was firm on his Canadian dream, and he pursued it. 

It has been eight amazing years of struggles and successes since he said “I do!” to Canada. In retrospect, Dapo believes the journey has been worthwhile.

“It took time. It took money and deliberate efforts. It wasn’t easy but I followed my dream, and I am happy that I did it my way.”

He outlines two ways to migrate — prepared or unprepared. For many first generation immigrants, it is a mixture of both. Many prepare themselves to migrate but are unprepared for the integration that follows. They looked into the land of their dreams through the lens of an outsider. Their inability to observe the world of immigrants closely and learn from their struggles and eventual wins or defeat, costs them their time and energy. 

A few notes that would apply to anyone, immigrant or not: “Don’t wait for success. Keep moving, working and success will catch up with you.” He took to heart what Dale Carnegie said, “most of the things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.”

Immigrantlife.ca is an effort to ease that early pain for the new immigrants and help them through the journey. This is where the new immigrants will feel a part of the community that is much larger than the individual, their family, their relatives, surroundings and their religious or ethnic communities. 

Dapo and his team have been through this journey and want you to join, to share, to provide support to one another and in turn make each other stronger Canadians. The stories of trials and triumphs are what will keep us going. 

You might feel your story is less attractive but it could save lives and inspire hope. 

Join the movement! 

Click here to listen to this podcast and many more insightful episodes.

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