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Mental Health and Immigrants – The Triggers, Symptoms and Solutions Exposed at Thrive Conference 2021

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Register for ThriveCon2021 here: https://thriveconference.ca

At The Immigrant Life, we focus on the 8 core areas of life that are required for an immigrant to thrive. One of these is Mental Wellness.

The mental health of immigrants, especially new Canadians is often affected way more than is ever talked about or documented. Here are the cold, hard facts from Statistics Canada:

1. Past studies confirm that immigrants usually arrive in Canada with better self-perceived mental health better than Canadians but often declines after a period of time
2. Recent studies indicate that more recent immigrants (0-5 years since arrival in Canada) rate their mental health fair or poorer unlike past studies
3. The mental health of more than half of recent immigrant participants has worsened since the implementation of physical distancing
4. Recent immigrant participants more likely to report symptoms of anxiety than other Canadians
5. Female recent immigrant participants are more likely to report symptoms of anxiety
6. Recent immigrant participants financially affected by the pandemic exhibit higher levels of anxiety

Summary: Mental health is real and immigrants especially new immigrants are at a higher risk.

What are we going to do about it?

Well, Cynthia David, our specialist in Mental Health amongst immigrants will guide us on Saturday, October 23rd. Register here: https://thiveconference.ca

Who is Cynthia?

Cynthia David is a Registered Nurse working in Mental Health. She began her career in Forensics after graduating from Mount Royal in 2006 with Bachelors of Nursing. From there she has held a number of positions, some of which include: 
1. Assisting the corrections population transition into community once they served their time,
2. As a Program Facilitator for an assertive outreach team to aid those who require atypical service,
3. Currently as a mental health clinician partnered with Law Enforcement to manage crisis in the community. She has taught nursing students and done a number of presentations with regard to the Mental Health Act. 

As of late, Cynthia pursued her passion in mental health even further when she formed her own business called YBR (Mobile Mental Health Support Services). The premise of this service is to educate, empower, families and loved ones within their own homes.  YBR connects individuals to resources, coordinate with law enforcement, court and hospital for the purpose of involuntary assessments, if appropriate. www.ybrmentalhealth.com

Cynthia’s extensive experience has aided her in attempting to understand the complexities of the human mind, and its impact. Yet it is her 2 children and their never ending rational for why they have not cleaned up after themselves, that leaves her bewildered. Often.

Register: thrivecon.ca/2021

The Immigrant Life

Written by Dapo Bankole.
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