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Looking For Funds To Go to School?

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While not every new immigrant needs to go back to school after arriving in Canada, those in specialized protected professions have to, if they ever hope to practice here in Canada. If you’re a dentist, physiotherapist, pharmacist, physician, or even if you’re just someone in an open profession, looking to develop your skill set in your professional field, there is always help around. The Canadian government and provincial governments have various programs that aim at helping a new immigrant settle in the country.

The help offered to a new immigrant are in many forms. One of those is helping new immigrants get re-trained, re-educated or re-licensed in the fields of their earlier careers and education or in a different field of their choice that enhances their skills for a new career in Canada. 

An organization called Windmill Microlending, formerly Immigrant Access Fund (IAF), may loan you up to $15,000 to pursue your dream. Windmill Microlending is completely focused on immigrants or refugees who need to re-license, retrain or obtain certain specialized credentials in order to work in their field in Canada.

Anybody can access this non-conventional, low interest loan, as long as you qualify as stated below if :

  • you are an immigrant who is a permanent resident or a provincial nominee or a protected person or a Canadian citizen.
  • you are NOT an international student; a live-in caregiver; in the process of claiming refugee status; a temporary foreign worker.
  • Have landed in Canada and live anywhere in Canada including Quebec
  • you are using the loan to change or restart your career. 
  • you don’t have any other means of funding the program.
  • you have filed for bankruptcy before and you have been discharged.

Windmill Microlending is a wholly philanthropic and responsive organization that is funded by the Canadian government and certain individuals for the purpose of helping new immigrants smoothly transition to their careers and life in Canada. 

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