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Little Known Ways To Maximize Your Job Search Tactics.

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Immigrant Life podcast is aimed at engaging with you in real life conversations. We share true life stories that will give you insights into the lessons learned,  learned tips, strategies and actions that will help you thrive.

This episode is truly an inspirational one. Meet Omah (not his real name), a resolute young man who landed in Canada with years of work experience as a Systems Analyst from his home country Nigeria. He came with high hopes. His track record as a team leader  and executing several successful projects should naturally open doors for him. Or so he thought. His hopes soon turned to frustration. In two months of his move to Canada he is not just frustrated with lack of job but his economic situation is shaky.  With both him and his wife jobless it seems the only way out is to take on a survival job. However, that is not an option for Omah. His quest for the way out leads him to The Immigrant Life Podcast…

Dapo, the host of ILP, provides feedback from the Canadian employer’s perspective. “you can’t just come from somewhere your employers don’t know, to manage a team you don’t know, in a culture you don’t know! It just doesn’t work that way.”

Here are some takeaway from the episode: 

  • You don’t have to stay in your industry when job hunting. Expand your options.
  • Beat the Application Tracking System (ATS): Do a thorough search of keywords in the job description and include them into your resume. 
  • Create a  different resume for every job specific to the position you are applying for
  • Attend job fairs and network
  • Have an impressive LinkedIn profile, join conversations related to your preferred field there and make meaningful contributions.
  • Ask questions. “Remember, people are more willing to help if you are confident enough to ask”

Click here to listen to this podcast and many more insightful episodes.

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