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LinkedIn Will Not Work for Everybody

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LinkedIn is not your usual social media platform. It is not the biggest social network, neither is it the one with the largest reach. But for starters, and going by the recently released General LinkedIn statistics, not only do 40 million people use the network to search for jobs, 3 people are hired through LinkedIn every minute!

When you understand the ways both LinkedIn members and other users use this network, you will be able to incorporate it into your social marketing plan for 2021. Be prepared to get a little bit innovative and take the uncharted course to achieve this. Here is how…

Every game has its own rules so get familiar with both the written and unwritten rules of LinkedIn.
Break some! Yes, break some of those rules. Remember, going on the safe side means you are being normal so step on the value-adding way and create a path there.

A wise person once said, “It’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission”.
This applies here.

  • Stop asking for permissions. Hit the connect button once you see someone whose sense of reasoning you like. They are such you would like in your circle of influence. So, just connect. And what if they ignore you or refuse to accept your friend request? Then that is okay, at least you would have tried anyway.
  • Offer value. Most users of LinkedIn surf the network just looking for jobs and opportunities. Dare to be different. Contribute meaningfully to discussions. Offer suggestions. Be a life saver when opportunity presents itself. Offer intelligent and practicable suggestions.
  • As you do these, have a long-term perspective. Build relationships, not just for what you hope to benefit immediately through job offers and the likes. Think long term. Build that valuable relationship. Follow closely but wisely so as not to become a nuisance or be perceived wrongly.
  • Do not present yourself as being needy. Keep offering value. Keep giving. And when you give, you get and what you get usually lasts!

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