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Jobs – The Frustrating Side of Canada

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“If they insist on a meaningless Canadian experience, then I will create it and give it to them. What does it matter? Experience is experience!”

That was Christopher.

Prior to moving to Canada with his family, Christopher had 17 years of solid experience as a team manager in a software development company.

Unfortunately, 27 months after landing in Winnipeg, he was still without a professional job. Canadian employers and recruiters insisted on considering his related work experience in Canada before giving him a chance to work for their organizations.

A chicken and egg situation.

He clearly had no local professional experience, so he wasn’t given a chance. But how can he present Canadian experience on his resume if no one hires him because of his lack of Canadian experience?

Out of frustration, he lied. Yes, he did.

If being truthful is not an appreciated virtue in Canada, then he might as well try something else, a colleague at his warehouse job suggested.

He went ahead and updated his resume to reflect a phantom consulting work experience at a leading healthcare provider organization based in tiny Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia.

Thereafter, a few unsuspecting recruiters were pleased with what they saw, so they presented him to hiring managers. Within five weeks, he aced all the interviews with a particular hiring manager who eventually gave him the job.

What better testament to the requisite experience that he had from his home country?

Five weeks! In a short five weeks, he secured a mid — level role in his professional field, yet, he had been without his desired role for over two years!

It’s now been four years and Chris is now a high-performing team manager in another organization right there in downtown Winnipeg.

Do you blame him?

*Based on a true story.*

Written by Dapo Bankole.
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