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Job Security is a Mirage in Canada, And Anywhere.

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I got a call from an industry friend and leader. We exchanged pleasantries, and he was curious to know if I could make it to a little backyard party in someone’s house.

Although we had stayed in touch through brief SMS exchanges occasionally, yet we had not seen each other face to face in a while.

“Why don’t you come around and hang out for a few hours? A few people that you know will be there, but I am sure you will meet a lot more that you don’t know. Come around and relax. Perhaps we can have a few minutes to catch up in more detail?”

I agreed. Dominic is a great guy. I had met him a few years before, and we worked together on some exciting projects. He definitely liked me and I loved his professionalism, work ethics and sense of humor too. He is top-notch when it comes to getting his points across through anecdotes.

I had fun. A lot of fun at the party. I met a few known faces and, yes, new people too! Dominic was right.

Through the loud music, drinks, food and dancing, Dominic and I had a quick chat.

He had an important project and wanted me to consider leading the project. In popular parlance, he wanted to hire me. Hidden job market?  He inquired about what I was doing currently and if I was available to take on the role. We even discussed rates while dancing.

At the time, I was working a full — time role and I felt a little uneasy leaving a full — time secured job to work as a contractor. Anything could happen, you know. For instance, what if the contract gets canceled? I had too many doubts, but the chief being, I had never done that before in Canada, and I was afraid. I was very afraid. I could literally see my bills staring at me and warning me to take heed.

We cut the conversation short, and he invited me to his organization’s head office the next week. While there, he took me to an open office with many people and said, “if you accept my offer, this is where you are going to be sitting”.

We ended up in his own office where he once again tried to win me over. He offered to pay me an attractive per hour rate, but I was too chickenhearted to accept it. It wasn’t a secure job. There won’t be EI in case I lost the job. There won’t be benefits. I focused on too many reasons why it didn’t make sense to take the offer.

After I declined, he said, “you obviously think being a full — time employee offers you security and a growing opportunity. I have been on the receiving end of both sides. I have also been on the hiring side multiple times just like now. What I can tell you is this, that sense of security that many look for in a full — time role is a mirage, but the choice is yours.”

I thanked him and left.

Three months later, I was let go from my secure full — time job. 

Summary? There is no security in any job type. What grants security is having the competency to develop resiliency to a change that you cannot control, evolve your career in any direction that you want and leverage chaos to thrive in careers that do not exist today. 

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Written by Dapo Bankole.
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