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Job Searching Skills for Immigrants

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Developing cold feet just before getting immigrant visa or after obtaining that sought-after permanent residence is something that we all have been through. You wanted it and you pursued it. But when it arrives everything seems unknown and complicated. Many questions come to our mind such as: “What do I do now?” “What next?” “What will I do when I get there?” “Can I get my desired job?” “Where will I work?” “How will I build my life?” “How do I build my career?’” It is not your feelings alone. Be assured that it is absolutely normal to get nervous at this stage. You are not only moving to a new country, you are moving your life to a new country. You are creating a new life. However, it is a passing phase. Everything will sort out slowly but surely. Trust us.

It doesn’t matter at what stage of immigration you are in, here are some time-proven tips to help you navigate this phase:

  • Relax! Things will only get better, not worse.
  • Be flexible about your dreams. It’s good to dream but don’t be too rigid about it. Be open to making adjustments where and when necessary. Don’t make a career decision based on what you studied alone or on what you’re familiar with.
  • Once you arrive in Canada, your initial priority should be to be healthy – mentally and physically.
  • Building a career and getting your desired job will take time. Have patience. Get a job that pays your bills to keep the financial pressures away.
  • Start from where you are. Take stock of your assets – intellectual assets, your natural talent, your learned skills, work experience, volunteering skills, your side hustle, etc. Give each asset an identity – a name that describes it. It doesn’t have to be perfect.
  • Document your personal quantifiable achievement.
  • Identify two people that can act as your reference. You could start from the school.
  • Then go online with that information and check out a couple of jobs in Canada that have similar job descriptions through as many scenarios as possible on various job search engines. Run through all of them. You’d be surprised that often times, you’d end up with a new career name that you never knew existed prior to your search.
  • Match your assets list to what the industry is already looking for. Note that employers and recruiters are looking for who will add value to them and not just someone with certificates. So, what if your asset list is different from what the industry is looking for? Don’t worry. Just twist the way you described those skills and experiences in your assets list. Once you have about 55-60% of the required core experience, trust us you’re good enough to apply.

So, get right onto it! Be proactive and see things take the desired shape. For questions or comments, email us at thrive@immigrantlife.ca

For more tips, listen to Episode 47 of the Immigrant Life Podcast. Happy listening

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