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I’ve been Scammed! What Next?

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By reporting a scam, you provide law enforcement with the information they need to stop fraudsters and help prevent others from becoming victims. 

It is safe to assume that you or someone you know has been a victim of a multi-million-dollar grand scheme that cleverly defrauds people of their hard-earned money. But if you still believe that it could never happen in Canada, take a pause to read the article “Scammers are Everywhere. Even in Canada.

At Immigrant Life we care about your fiscal and mental well-being, and these articles are here to provide you the knowledge and make you aware of the possibilities of frauds. We are here to provide you with practicable tips on what to do if such a scam were to happen to you and in its aftermath.

If you have been scammed, here is what to do:

Reporting fraud is critical: The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre estimates that less than 5% of the total number of fraud victims report their experiences to law enforcement agencies. By reporting a scam, you provide law enforcement with the information they need to stop fraudsters and help prevent others from becoming victims. The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre collects information on fraud and identity theft. We provide information on past and current scams affecting Canadians. If you think you’re a victim of fraud, report it!

  • Pick back the pieces of your life and start all over. Most successful people have failed at some point in their lives. There is always a chance to do better.
  • Don’t allow your relationships to suffer. Stories have been told about how relationships have failed in the aftermath of being scammed. Partners trade blames on how or why they fell victim; friends mistrust one another; means of livelihood is lost as a result of being broke or being depressed. Quality relationships will help you weather the storm. So, value what you have, and that includes your partner or spouse, children, circle of friends and family, co-workers and so on.
  • Don’t shut your eyes and ears to opportunities. There are genuine investment opportunities in Canada and be open to them.
  • Be extra careful as you begin to start all over. Validate every information you get.
  • Don’t be desperate. Remember “once bitten, twice shy”.
  • Learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others.

On a final note, we dare say that we all make mistakes in life. No one knows it all and that’s why everyone, and indeed every organization goes through a certain learning curve before getting to where they hope to be.

Life happens! And when it does, remain undeterred and resilient enough to forge ahead. It is equally important to say that we shouldn’t look at everyone through the prism of doubt and suspicion. Not every business owner or investment broker is a potential scammer. Learn your lessons, use your critical thinking and make the most of your experience to apply to your next business or investment adventure.

Canada offers you the best environment for you to thrive if you open yourself to it. If you are diligent, if you keep your eyes and ears open things can only get better!

You can get more insights on this topic when you listen to the Immigrant Life podcast, Episode 55. Click here to listen.


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