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It’s Thanksgiving Day 2021!

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Thanksgiving Day is also Reflection Day.

A day to reflect…

How has the journey been? Life’s journey I mean. Fair and square?

Turbulent and unpredictable?

No matter at what stage you are on this journey called life, there will always be something for which to be truly grateful.

For starters, be thankful for the very essence of it all – being alive! Somewhere in the Holy Writ, is it not written: “A living dog is better than a dead lion?” Don’t be too hard on yourself…hope lies ahead. Be thankful for where you are. It could have been worse.

“Oh, there you go again!”, you are thinking right now. “What else do I have to be thankful for?”

Don’t forget COVID. You are a survivor! You’ve made it so far since it visited humanity about 20 months ago. It is a big deal! It is more than enough to be thankful for. Do reflect some more…You’ve got company. Your family. Your friends. Those in your community. Co-workers. And you’ve got Canada!

BIG deal!

Canada’s got you too. And that is notwithstanding whatever the prevailing situation. You made the right decision to be here. And that’s awesome! Be more positive. Be more introspective. The system here in Canada is working. And that counts for something.


Opportunities will come. Just be ready to seize the moment. Be well positioned to harness the opportunities when they come. It’s one more reason to be thankful.

I could go on and on. Count your blessings. Name them one by one…

You are not homeless – and even if you are, it’s temporary! You may depend on our social system for support but come on…it’s not going to last a lifetime. Soon, you will be able to stand on your feet and even support others that need help!

Be thankful for even that “survival job” as it is called. You may not know it, but that survival job is someone else’s career. And they make a living out of it. They even enjoy doing it. They may have even studied it at the university as a career choice. Your preferred professional role may not be here yet, but it will come, possibly even sooner than you know it.

Be thankful.

Being thankful isn’t because you have no worries. It is because you choose to look beyond your worries. It is also because you choose to focus on what makes you happy, even in the least possible way.

It is Thanksgiving Day 2021!

Be truly thankful.

One more reason to be thankful is THRIVE. THRIVE Conference is for immigrants at different stages of their immigration journey. It is one of the opportunities to be thankful. THRIVE conference 2.0 will equip you to Step Up! Themed “Step In and Step Up”, it is one event that will help you step up your game.

Amazingly, THRIVE is FREE! October 23rd is almost here. Register here while you still can.

Written by Yinka Bakare

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