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Is Perception True Reality?

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Entrepreneurial Mindset Series (EMS)

Physicists have theorized that reality is what we choose it to be. But does this have a place in life as we know it?

Jess Huffman, Coach and Mentor to countless entrepreneurs, has been a regular feature of our Entrepreneurial Mindset Series. He shares his time-tested and valuable opinion on the relationship between perception and reality. Are the two concepts related? If yes, to what extent? Does it really matter what I believe? And how do my beliefs affect my present realities as a substantive or aspiring entrepreneur?

Jess shares a most scary analogy…We look for our car keys, mobile phones and other random items all the time. Oftentimes, they are sitting right in front of us, yet we go around the entire house searching for these items and don’t find them. Then someone comes along and voila! We see it where it’s sitting pretty. Jess says it is rooted in our subconscious. Once we register it as “lost” or “can’t find it” or “don’t know where it is”, then we are blinded to its reality!

Do you see yourself succeeding at that venture as a dark-skinned man or woman, in a predominantly white environment? What barriers have you created for yourself, most of them in your mind?

Perception and reality are two different concepts yet deeply connected!

Take anger as another instance of where this applies.

When we are annoyed by someone, the truth is that no one can really make you angry. What happens is that, that someone just triggers something you have decided will make you angry. It is not emotionally spontaneous. It is a process, most of it in-wired in our own minds.

Broader Implications: The concept of perception and reality is the same reason you will pick up an idea and it won’t work out, yet another person will, and it will work out!

“We literally build our world by our beliefs
so we can change our world by changing our beliefs.”

Do you see yourself succeeding at that venture as a dark-skinned man or woman, in a predominantly white environment? What ceiling have you placed on your advancement in life? Haven’t you concluded subconsciously that it is hard to be successful? Or that only a certain category of people get wealthy?

Jess explains further that oftentimes, our reactions to life issues determine their outcomes – whether positive or negative. The world is spotted with black swans all the time. Meaning that unexpected, drastic things that we weren’t prepared for happen all the time. Good or bad, we react to them based on our beliefs constantly. How we react to issues determine what we do also as business owners.

Apply the same principles to parenting and you realize that parents are usually driven by a set of beliefs based on fear. Parents fear that their children will misbehave, will fail, will end up badly, etc. How do they end up reacting to their fears? They coerce, exercise control, punish, spank children needlessly. Parents worry more about being right rather than being correct. This also holds sway whether we are a husband, wife, an entrepreneur or employee. How we choose to respond to things that life presents us makes all the difference.

The Final Word
Until you get to the point where you can only do so much; until you mature in your belief; until you get to the point of understanding, it’s like flogging a dead horse. Do what makes you happy as long as you don’t cause pain to another or flout a law. If you don’t like the outcome, look for ways to change it. It is a process. It is a journey. You will get nearer when you persist.

Keep evolving. Keep being the best of yourself.
You can learn more by listening to the full podcast. Join Jess Huffman and Dapo Bankole as they share other life-transforming insights in the episode.

This article was carefully developed from Episode 122 of The Immigrant Life Podcast.

Written by Yinka Bakare.

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