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In 2021, Evolve!

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2020 was hard.

But I didn’t quit.

I was sick a few times.

But I didn’t quit.

I had an unexpected surgery.

But I didn’t quit.

The pandemic hit and things got rough.

But I didn’t quit.

My personal and professional relationships were tested. Extensively.

But I didn’t quit.

My business revenue dropped.

But I didn’t quit.

I couldn’t completely pay off my consumer debt.

But I didn’t quit.

I couldn’t travel as I desired.

But I didn’t quit.

And just maybe because I did not quit, I still had amazing results.

I was alive to have the privilege to rant when things went sideways.

Yes, that was a BIG privilege and so I am grateful.

My business team grew by 400%.

Immigrant life volunteer team grew by at least 1500%.

Immigrant Life successfully hosted two conferences.

My financial giving was many times more than previous years.

Many times more than I even planned for 2020.

I completely paid off my credit card debts.

I exceeded the results my 2020 financial goals was supposed to help me achieve.

I gained amazing life-changing positive relationships and partnerships.

I intentionally lost weight and kept them off.

I understood myself more.

I had deeper connection with my wife.

I felt better connected with my boys.

I developed better habits.

Despite how rough 2020 was, it was my most-fulfilling year yet.

My best year ever!!!!

And it is why I say in 2021…


in 2021; no matter what life throws at you, evolve. take massive imperfect actions and reach out for help.

When life knocks you down and you’re tired and worn out. Evolve.

When you want to smile but all you can do is sigh. Evolve.

When you look around hoping to catch a glimmer of hope in the eyes of a friend or passerby but all you can find is pity and sadness. Evolve.

When you stretch out your hand hoping someone – anyone at all would reach out and pull you up but no one even notices you, your hand or your struggle for survival. Evolve.

Look within. Muster all courage. Give yourself yet another chance. And Evolve.

You will be amazed how much strength is still left on your inside. So, Evolve.

Life supports that spirit that won’t give up even when others do. Therefore, Evolve.


To evolve is to develop.

To unfold.

To emit.

To yield.

To discharge.

To release.

To produce.

To grow.

To advance.

To progress.

To open out.

To move forward.

To make progress.

To make headway.

To give off.

To expand.

To devise.

To germinate.

To create a different result.

To emerge.

To arise.

To increase.

To mature.

To end in a particular way.

To stop.

To forgive.

To be who you have never been.

To not quit.

To take massive action.

For us at Immigrant Life, we have chosen to evolve.

And evolve, we will.

And reinforce it in all we do.

For example, the theme of Thrive Conference 2021 is “Go BIG or Go HOME!”

It is an adventure in evolution.

And this year, it is a power-packed 1-day event – Saturday, October 23 2021.

This year, no matter what life throws at you, evolve.

Take massive imperfect actions and reach out for help.

I will do the same.

So help me God.

It is the only way to birth dreams, experience desired transformation, connect with other great minds and serve humanity qualitatively.

Thank you for your support in 2020; I wish you the best of life in 2021.

May your dreams come true. May you continue to be in health and grow in prosperity.

May your home know peace and prosperity and may you always have a reason to rejoice.

Without a doubt, I’ll see you at the top!

Dapo Bankole is the founder of Immigrant Life. 

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