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If I Were the Prime Minister for One Day

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The government could help an aspiring immigrant or refugee by making the processing period shorter and more transparent.

Justin Trudeau is the present Minister of the crown and the 23rd Prime Minister and head of government in Canada. He is the highest political office holder of the country. He took office on November 4, 2015 and was subsequently re-elected following the 2019 election with a minority of seats. He holds the aces where policy thrust is concerned.

But we are not talking about or with the Prime Minister here. It is also not about the aspiration of Aisha Jamal who was the guest on an episode of the Immigrant Life podcast.

Aisha Jamal, a Toronto based film maker, writer and director of A Kandahar Away, also an academic and film programmer shared her views on the celebration of International Migrants Day in Canada. In the interview, she spoke passionately about racial discrimination and diversity in Canada and how immigrants add to the vibe and vigor here.

In the final segment of the interview, veteran podcaster, Dapo Bankole asked Aisha what she would do regarding Canadian immigration if she were to be the Prime Minister of Canada for just one day. In a delightsome chortle, Aisha responded unequivocally, that the first thing she would do is to make the immigration process much more transparent than it is. She also added that she would reduce the waiting time for the change of status for refugees.

“I think the biggest thing you hear from refugees when they come here is the wait time. …To be able to work and get all your papers sorted, I would definitely work on that.” Well, this is the advice we hope the immigration authorities and the federal government is listening and paying attention to.

Listen to the complete interview here.

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