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How We Got the Most Amazing Win! A Must Read.

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A colleague decided to be a part of a social purpose – raise funds for those in need through United Way of Calgary’s annual plane pull challenge.

The person communicated the vision.

The vision attracted other like-minded people

A tag team was born!

The challenge?

Pull 81,647 kg UPS Cargo Airbus A300 over a 15.24 m (50ft) distance in the shortest possible time!

The bigger challenge?

No way to practice!

Our planning strategy?

  • Exercise our bodies as good as we can
  • Observe the competition
  • Do whatever the competition did better!

Fortunately, we were not the first to be called. Yay!

Our execution strategy?

  • Observed the competition
  • Faced our challenge – the plane
  • Competed according to the umpire’s rules
    • –>”Pick up the rope!”
    • –>Pull on countdown – “2-1-Pull!”
  • Pulled the plane towards us and walked backwards as we did (secret one).
  • Turned around and faced our target distance AS SOON AS we overcame the plane’s inertia while continuing to pull (secret two).
  • Pulled as fast as possible until we hit the target distance.

Amazing things happen when we work together!

Yes! We made it.

We pulled the 81,647 kg plane over 15.24 m in 20.84s

Yet, it was our first time!

Amazing things happen when we #worktogetheranywhere

Calgary, 2014.

Lessons learned?

  • When like-minded team members work together, they do amazing things!
  • Always work out a strategy for anything (do nothing is a strategy too!)
  • Even if you don’t know the way out, still face your challenge!
  • That you’ve not done it before does not mean you can’t do it!
  • Be willing to learn through observation.
  • You can learn from competition, anytime, anywhere.
  • Every challenge has an inertia embedded in it.
  • The resistance you experience while tugging at a challenge is a sign of progress not failure.
  • The plan that got you over the inertia may not get you to your goal.
  • Know when to change plans after you overcome the inertia in your challenge.
  • Celebrate your wins, no matter how small.
  • Know when to disperse your team.
  • Have a dream bigger than you.
  • Commit to solving a social problem in any way that you can!

Hear Helen Keller: “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

As an immigrant here in Canada, winning doesn’t have to be yours alone. Your vision must be bigger than you.

See the bigger picture.

Have a team; Have a strategy.

Together, run with the vision.

Then only can you truly say you are winning.

Then can we truly thrive.

Be a part of The Immigrant Life community. Let’s win together.

This article was written by Dapo Bankole.
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