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How to get anything? Ask

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We’re letting you on an insider tip to get anything you want. Ask. 

Dapo shares with you his real-life experiences where he got what he wanted simply by asking. You won’t get into trouble for asking. 

As a young university graduate in Nigeria, he met a very welcoming woman at a teaching job. She faced him and asked : “Coke or Fanta?” Dapo answered “Maltina!” even though the malt drink wasn’t on the table. The woman protested with a “No” But guess what? He got his malt drink.

#Ask – even if you don’t get it!

In December 2012, he went to a grocery store to stock up. The organization he was working for had just closed for the year and won’t be opening till late January. He needed a temporary job for some extra cash. As he was about to  leave, a thought came to him, and he asked to see the manager. He met the man and asked if there was a night position he could fill at the store even though they hadn’t advertised for any position. The manager told him, “Sorry, but in a day or two, I should have something for you” 

He got the job!

#Just ask! 

During the economic recession in Canada a few years ago, suicide rates shot up! Dapo was troubled. He decided to do something about it and planned a seminar to help people deal with the situation. But he had his own financial constraints as he also had lost his job. He decided to raise his hand and ask for help. Helpful hands were extended from all directions. A few calls led to a suitable location in downtown Calgary. He could hold the event for free because he asked. The event was a success because he asked. 

At a stage in his career, he decided to start training Business Analysts – providing them with hands-on practical training. He found a veteran based in the US online and decided to approach her. Yes, that’s what he did. He reached out to her and asked her to be his mentor. The lady said, “Though I don’t have enough time, I’m willing to consider it” Needless to say, she not only became his mentor but also his business partner!

But what if people decline and reject your requests? Dapo says, “That’s likely. But you asked and you tried.” And now you know the answer even if that is a no. What if you never ask? You will never know. 

On this, Steve Jobs has this to say:

“I’ve never found anyone who said “NO!” or hung up the phone when I called. I just asked and when people ask me, I try to be as responsive to pay that debt of gratitude back. Most people never pick up the phone and call. Most people never ask and that’s what separates, sometimes, the people that do things from the people that dream about it. You got to be willing to fail. You got to be ready to crash and burn…with people on the phone,…with starting a company…with whatever! If you’re afraid of failing, you wouldn’t get very far.”

There is no better way to get things than asking for it.

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