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How to Deal with Chaos

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As an immigrant, you would have been familiar with chaotic situations while trying to settle down here in Canada. But that doesn’t even compare to the chaotic situations the world has found itself in since COVID started spreading and causing havoc in our lives. Lockdown today, easing in phases over time, then back to new waves of the pandemic which has led to job losses, people removed from work, closure of schools and online learning, we have all been through it all in the past one and half year.

Although the availability of vaccines is changing it all slowly, but a lot of uncertainty persists everywhere. No one can say for a fact when “normal” can be achieved. This unpredictability is leaving us confused and unsure. What is happening now is that there is too much randomness that’s leaving everyone confused, and leading to high blood pressure, weight gain, irrational behavior and other indicators of stress that is visible in a lot of us.

Top 4 Lessons from Herding Chickens

  • If you’ve ever raised chickens, you would have noticed that they are difficult to herd. They do not easily get towed into line. But going out and coming back into their coop means one thing to them: they have a home.

    The lesson: Have an anchor! When all else fails, what will you hold on to? Your anchor is the purpose you are living for. What’s your goal? What are you trying to achieve to get better? When you have an anchor for your attention, it keeps you inspired. Then, your life will have a definite order and you can say: “Regardless, I know what I’m seeing.”
  • Chickens are disorderly. They have so much randomness, that could be a bit frustrating. It is the same with life.

The Lesson: Chaos is a normal part of life. Oftentimes, something happens to disrupt the order of life. It could be of natural or man-made causes. Disruption is part of life. So, take it all in your stride. Don’t get overly excited or worried, for this too shall pass. You should just figure out how to live amidst the chaos, ride on it and leverage it to your favor.

However, this is not to say that you should always expect negative things to happen to you.

We can survive. We can thrive. We can get through anything and everything that can come in our path of life, with the right attitude.

  • Develop the right attitude. In raising chickens, you will not always have the answers. As you start out, you will learn and improve along the way.

The Lesson: We are not always going to have answers. But we can learn from every experience and move on. Take action from the learned lessons. If you fail, don’t be deterred. It’s called trial and feedback.

  • From raising chickens, you’ll generate a lot of ideas about how to keep them warmer, protect them from predators, increase profitability, expand the business, etc.

The Lesson: Generate a lot of ideas. The good thing is you will have multiple options on how to deal with chaos.

Life is full of ups and downs, but nothing beats the right attitude in getting ahead. As we continue to trust the government, health care providers and researchers and follow their recommendations to get out of this pandemic, we can also look at ourselves and find ways for self-improvement.

COVID and the series of lockdowns, the acceptance and unacceptance of science and research, and the trust or lack of it has shown us that we are different in our individual beliefs and values, but we go through same things at the same time. We are unique yet similar.

This has also shown us that we can survive. We can thrive. We can get through anything and everything that can come in our path given we have the right attitude.

Develop the right attitude to deal with anything life throws at you.

This article was created from Episode 132 of The Immigrant Life Podcast.

Written by Yinka Bakare.

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