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How to Create the Life You Want in 4 Steps

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Entrepreneurial Mindset Series (EMS)

Life doesn’t come with a guarantee, but it presents opportunities as a regular feature. Opportunities lead to greater things. However, few are rightly positioned to seize the opportunities that come their way because of the effects of deep-seated beliefs. Beliefs are basically ideas or opinions we subconsciously acquire over time, and which unconsciously have an impact on us. These evolving beliefs dominate our thought processes and guide our decision-making.

Jess Huffman, Coach and our EMS guide, suggests 5 things to do to uproot those unfavorable beliefs to make yourself a successful entrepreneur. They are life principles which can be applied, not just to entrepreneurial preoccupation, but as your everyday guide.

Canada is a land of opportunities, but only the prepared can make the best of the opportunities presented. Don’t limit yourself through your beliefs and perception.

Four Steps to Recreate Your Life

  • Find the courage to stick to who you are. Much of what we believe of ourselves are passed down to us through faulty education and its limiting assessments, judgements our parents hold and their reflections of those on who you are and what you can do, societal and cultural norms. We erroneously soak them all in! “Oh, I’m a below average student. I can’t apply for that job. No one will hire me.” ” Who the hell do you think you are?” “I’m black so there’s a limit to how far I can go and what I can do.” “I have poor education. I can’t go far.” And on and on we go about belittling ourselves.

To live a more fulfilling life, the very first step is to determine who you are and what you want out of life. No one can do this for you. Some introspection and inner reflection done intentionally, will unearth the real you. Then, be courageous enough to stick to who you are.

“If Jess Benzos, Zack Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and others, can, then you too can. They all started like you on the same spot, but the difference is that they believed they could, and they did.”

  • Discard the notion that your possibilities are finite. This is a core aspect of redefining who you are. True, no one is limitless but there is no limit to what an individual can achieve. Stop placing a bar on yourself. A vast majority of entrepreneurs start out from a feeling of unworthiness and so set their game low. Even when they have an amazing product or service, they feel so unworthy of a good price and sell them cheap. It is the worst thing to do. It is a guarantee for failure.
  • Change your notion about mistakes and failure. Mistakes and failures are an integral part of learning process and growth. What you call mistakes and failures are actually trial and feedback. As an entrepreneur, you will fail at some point. You will make mistakes. If you don’t, you cannot succeed. Being right is a recipe for failure. Embrace mistakes and failure as necessary steps for growth.

“Persistence beats everything, including luck.”

  • Fine-tuning of anything takes time. To be successful at anything requires persistence through repetition, analysis, application of the analysis and back to repetition. The finest artists eventually become successful through persistence and consistency. Bruce Lee once said:

“I do not fear a man who has practiced ten thousand kicks, but I fear the one who has practiced one kick ten thousand times.”

Obviously, the latter has perfected the art of kicking while the former hasn’t learnt anything.

Frank Kern, a successful internet marketer, was voted most likely not to finish high school. He was only able to graduate from High School because his teacher took pity on him and gave him a D. After High School, he tried his hands on different ventures and failed at them. Now, he is a multimillionaire because he kept going.

Keep going.

Don’t be deterred.

Remember, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

It’s all part of the process.

Canada is a land of opportunities, but only the prepared can make the best of the opportunities presented. Don’t limit yourself through your beliefs and perception. There is a whole lot to try your hands on it you are willing to try.

This article was carefully developed from The Immigrant Life Podcast, Episode 127. Join the conversation here as Dapo Bankole engages Jess Huffman in a very revealing interview.

Do you have personal questions on how to position yourself for success in life and career here in Canada, get across to Jess through thrive@immigrantlife.ca Join our community too at https:immigrantlife.ca/community

Written by Yinka Bakare.

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