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How to Conquer the Workplace

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Benedict (not his real name) is relatively new in Canada, having landed in Canada just nine months ago from Ghana. Things are beginning to look up for him — he just secured his first professional job and he is on his way to climbing the professional job ladder if everything plays out as desired. He, however, has the demons of doubt and anxiety staring him in the face. He is hyper aware of how he looks different and speaks with an accent. He also has the drive to prove that even though he is new, he can deliver at the job just like he promised at the interview. He feels a tremendous pressure because he knows he needs to impress his manager in order to get a favourable performance appraisal. The list is endless and the tug of war of emotions and assurances is stressing him. 

Does that resonate with you? Does this sound familiar?

How can Benedict be helped?

Ever heard of Emotional Intelligence (also known as Emotional Quotient EQ)?

EQ has more to do with your soft skills than your hard-earned knowledge. 

Many people lose their jobs or lose out on an opportunity because of such intangibles as poor attitude than their lack of competent skills. 

Emotional Intelligence is the driver of workplace intelligence. It is your people skills. It makes you less self-conscious and also helps you respect others in your work environment. Most Organizations hire both character and trade skills. It is not a trade-off. The right attitude is the key to being successful in a workplace. Emotional intelligence helps you manage your supervisor and co-workers. It helps you become an integral and valued member of a team that achieves its business goals. 

So, what are you waiting for? Be intentional about developing your Emotional Intelligence at your work environment. Learn about the workplace culture. Be mindful of it. Respect all differences. Smile more. Offer to help. Learn when to say no. Keep your integrity intact.

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