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How to be a Business Analyst

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If you have embarked on the journey to become a Business Analyst, you must have often wondered what the career paths are. For anyone starting as a junior or intermediate BA there are many trajectories it can lead to such as Team Lead – who will focus on the delivery of the team of BAs, Team Manager for BAs, Product Manager, Director – the possibilities are enormous. Opportunities will throw themselves at you when you know what you are doing and are good at it. If you add domain or product knowledge to your portfolio that accelerates you on your success path.

By now you must have learned that your prior education or training has no bearing on whether you can be a Business Analyst rather it is about your mindset.

Where to begin?
Start by listening to the series 78 & 80 of The Immigrant Life Podcast.

If you think the BA career is for you, reach out. We are inviting you. Our parent company, Mopheth Systems Corp., runs a Business Analysis Centre of Excellence (MBACoE) so, you can trust us to coach, train, inspire, encourage, mentor, and guide you to become a successful Business Analyst.

There’s more:

  • Change your thinking: If it is to be, it is up to you. Your success in this career path has nothing to do with what you did in the past. Dapo Bankole, the host cites his example coming from Biochemistry education to here. “I have no BA certification, but I have committed to be a lifelong student and I continue to learn from people who know more than I do. My greatest challenge was my mindset. If you commit to becoming a BA, start by intentionally changing the way you think.”
  • Visit popular online job portals: Study all the job descriptions (JDs) of a Business Analyst (or any of its other synonyms). Go on LinkedIn – and look at the BA job descriptions and look at all those JDs which will give you an idea what the job entails – what the organizations expects of a BA. This gives you a trajectory of where you’re headed and helps you to know if you already have hands-on experience in the field.
  • Make a decision: There are two aspects to being a Business Analyst – technical or non-technical. A typical technical person is reserved and would rather work with computers and not deal with people. If you want to switch to a BA role – look for opportunities to take on client facing roles. Think about managing meetings, facilitating meetings, and taking notes. Ability to hold discussions with people in a formal environment is a must. If you do not like interface with people you can take on BA roles that are software related. There are also opportunities on hardware aspects such constructions. All you have to do is look within and look out for those opportunities.
  • Assess your work history: Sit back and think through the times you started working – review the kinds of jobs you held – what kind of systems did you work with? Reflect on your past roles in the projects you worked on, make a list of your achievements, skills that will help you match the roles you can take on as a BA.
  • Get trained: This is perhaps the most important consideration. Getting trained isn’t the same as getting certified. There are tons of online trainings available but what will benefit you the most is a hands-on classroom training. Try to learn the skills and apply them as you go in a learning setting which will involve practical sessions that will give you the confidence to handle the projects.

    If you think the BA career is for you, reach out. We are inviting you. At Mopheth Business Analysis Centre of Excellence, you can trust us to coach, train, inspire, encourage, mentor, and guide you to become a successful Business Analyst. Dapo Bankole, the founder of The Immigrant Life offers trainings for BA periodically.

Reach out at thrive@immigrantlife.ca

Listen to the Immigrant Life Podcast series 78, 79 & 80 where host Dapo Bankole deep-dives into BA and helps you understand the nuances of the Business Analysis role.

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This article was written by Meena Kaini.

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