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Get a Speeding Ticket and Handle It like a Pro!

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It is never fun to get a speeding ticket no matter what you are made of! In fact, it is scary to see those flashing lights behind you even if you know that you are not at fault. The speed which you are trying to catch up is likely to push you back – literally and financially. First off, you know a part of your savings will be the first casualty with the penalty fees. Then, you may lose work hours while attending court hearings. And then, with a conviction, chances are that your insurance rates will go up!

So, how do you respond when getting flagged?
Here are some tips for you:
– Be calm and don’t ever try to run.
– Stay respectful and do not argue.
– Pay close attention to what the officer says and does.
– Don’t create a scene and say as little as possible.
– Follow the officer’s instructions.
– Be sure to read your ticket carefully and correct wrong information. If in doubt, ask questions.
– Write down notes about the incident for your reference in the future – the time, date, missed speed limit or other details. This will help you remember the incident clearly.

Now that you have the ticket, what next?
– You could choose to pay the fine before the court day. Once you do, that’s an automatic conviction and the insurance companies will come after you. Though some may waive your first offence (Confirm this perk beforehand with your insurance company.)
– You could choose to fight it in court! With some luck, the officer who wrote you the ticket may not appear in court and the case gets thrown out.
– Go ahead and engage the services of a paralegal to represent you in court. The paralegal may, be able to prove that the officer erred in judgement.
– You could also decide on a defensive driving course for yourself. This helps
remove the demerit from your record.

Speeding tickets are costly and not worth the trouble and the mess it leaves on your record. Develop the habit of staying within limits and look out for the signs as you drive. Be conscious about your driving and obey traffic rules, including the speed limit. You can also use your car’s overdrive feature so you won’t be able to over speed or accelerate as you normally can.

Summarily, it is not about how you deal with the ticket, the fact is, there is a speeding limit for a reason. That reason is, the danger it can pose on lives including yours. So respect the limit and stay within it.

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