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From One Immigrant to Another

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It is unusual to meet an immigrant who had an easy transition. Almost everyone struggles with finding the right job, making enough money and creating a safe place for themselves and their families.

Canada has a lot in place to help immigrants settle into their new life. From the government to non-government and charity organizations, many organizations are there to help new immigrants in their new Canadian journey. However, many immigrants hesitate to seek help and make use of these available services and offerings.

Dapo Bankole, Founder of The Immigrant Life went through challenging times and had a hard time making ends meet during the early years of being in Canada. That’s when Windmill Microlending came to his rescue. Dapo made use of the low interest loan that Windmill offered which helped him stay afloat during hard times.

Eight years after that, the tide has turned. Today Dapo sits as a board member of Windmill Microlending. Dapo understands the importance of help that immigrants need and will be a champion for fellow first-generation immigrants. He also values the importance of giving back and this is his way of giving back to a company which came to his aid when he needed it the most.

Today we celebrate the success of Dapo and tomorrow we will celebrate more.
Tomorrow that story could be yours.
So go ahead, take that chance.
Ask for help.
Make use of the opportunities.


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