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When you get what you want, will you want what you get?

Those who have worked with me for a while, would have probably noticed that I typically have a quote, a question, or a statement in my email signature. That’s been my style for almost twenty years.

Oftentimes, what I have in my signature is typically addressed to myself. I mostly use that as a personal reminder regarding what I believe, what I need to ponder on or what I am currently questioning.

Amazingly, I get quite some feedback regarding how helpful some of these statements or questions are. As pleasant as it is to hear these, what intrigues me the most is when some people send a reply to the email and answer the question I raised.

Some would have guessed that those questions are often rhetorical. They are reflective in nature and not meant to elicit personal responses to me although some still choose to respond despite knowing my intention. I believe it helps to give them clarity too and that’s awesome. Amazingly, some of their responses help me to clarify my own thoughts too!

About fifteen years ago, I was in a discussion with a client-now-turned-brother (his story is for another day) and in response to an interesting situation that he was discussing with me, I asked him, “but when you get what you want, will you want what you get?” My question to him was not premeditated and even as he responded, “mmmh. great question!”, I wondered which part of my heart the question came from.  

Well, last night I remembered that conversation, and so because I believe the timing is for a reason, I changed my signature yet again to the same rhetorical question.

After we’ve pushed, pulled, schemed, sacrificed, worked hard at our goals, fought others, had all the sleepless nights, abandoned everything to move to our preferred location, profession or business, broken a relationship or started a new one, invested resources, thrown others under the bus, become unyielding to the voice of reason or refused to let go of our biases and rose-tinted perspectives on life, we will get what we are chasing after. Or at least I hope we do.

But after getting it – whatever that is, will you still want it?

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Written by Dapo Bankole.
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