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Diversity is a fact. Inclusion is a choice. – Mohamad Fakih | CEO and President, Paramount Fine Foods

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People have been at the centre of everything that Mohamad Fakih has done.

When asked for a helping hand to resuscitate a dwindling business, Mohamad Fakih’s instinct was to help another person who was going through hardship. He took the plunge, dived into the food business and made it about people. “Just don’t sell something, build it. Build a long-term relationship,” he says.

Diversity is a fact. Inclusion is a choice.

He did not know much about running a food enterprise, but he knew enough about creating a community. “As an immigrant I knew I had to work hard,” he says and worked relentlessly for over-20 hours every day which he does to this day. He is deeply appreciative of the opportunities that Canada has given him. A believer in giving back to the community, he practices what he preaches.

He built his Paramount empire with the help of people and by taking care of them. Respect for all cultures, embracing diversity and making inclusion a norm is his business motto. “People should come first. Whatever you do, it is about people – that’s your employee for an entrepreneur.”

Since 2007, Paramount Fine Foods has come a long way – a large community of over 2,000 employees with its services reaching far and wide through its 76 franchise chain worldwide.

Mohamad Fakih is the CEO and President of Paramount Fine Foods with head office located in Ontario.

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